Shawn Michaels' Visit to the "WALL" at the US-Mexico Border [VIDEO]

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

It's a story we hear about everyday in the National News, the Wall, at the US-Mexico border. During my recent trip to Southern California I wanted to see for myself, so we took a trip to the border and visited the Tijuana National Estuary. The Estuary is a National Park at the border between the US and Mexico.

Border Security doesn't care for US Citizens to get too close to the actual "Wall" so I took photos from a distance on the US side in the Estuary.

The Estuary by the way is a neat place to hike and see lots of area vegetation and birds, they also have a visitors center with lots of information about the area.

You can see Tijuana in the distance and you'll see many many Navy helicopters as you take a look at the border. The Estuary is situated adjacent to Imperial Beach, which basically is the last US town before you enter Mexico.

Check out a video montage below from our visit ...



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