These three faces, how can you say, "No".  Meet these cuties!

Ralphie, Remmi and Xena are hoping that you will stop and take notice of them, and ask to meet them in person.  These three little beauties came to us in January when they were all found locked up in a boarded up house with no food or water, with several other dogs.  They were all so thin and scared upon arrival but with lots of good meals, medical care, and TLC, they are just thriving now.  They are so happy, and positively love everyone they meet, but don't often get to meet people because most people pass them by while in their kennels.  They are a little stressed when they are indoors with all of the sounds and excitement, so they may appear to be a little high-strung but please, ask to meet them outside.  You'll see that they are not at all as they appear.  These one year old pups are sweet, gentle, quiet, and so loving.  They're well behaved and want nothing more than to be with you and get lots of attention.  They love to go for walks, explore, and run after as many toys as you will throw for them.  They are just the nicest little dogs and even get along just fine with most other dogs they meet.  They have so much love to give, they just need the chance to show you what they're all about.  Please don't overlook these three pretty pitties, and come in and meet Ralphie, Remmi and Xena.

Popcorn Park Zoo

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ

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