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Shawn & Sue's Best Nail Salon in Ocean County Contest 

It is time for you at home to vote for your favorite nail salon here in Ocean County!

Choose from the salons that have been nominated by our listeners and vote exclusively here on the 92.7 WOBM app.

If your friends haven't already downloaded the FREE 92.7 WOBM app, tell them that they should go ahead and get it, it's the only way to vote for your favorite nail salon!

Shawn and Sue will announce the winning nail salon on Wednesday morning, so don't miss out, vote for your favorite now!

We have a lot of great nail salons here in Ocean County and so many of our listeners love a day of pampering at their favorite salon. Whether it's nails or maybe a relaxing pedicure, people love their stylists, so show some love and vote now!

Polls close Tuesday at midnight, so vote now and Shawn and Sue will have the results on Wednesday. Thanks for all your nominations and good luck to all these wonderful local businesses. We love supporting our Ocean County businesses and enjoy your next nail appointment.

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