I saw a concert in Red Bank Saturday and since then I've been on a mission.  I'm determined to make sure that the awesome music from my generation doesn't get ignored by the younger generation.  Let me explain...

On stage Saturday was David Byrne who rose to fame as the quirky lead singer of the Talking Heads.  I've been a fan since 1977 and have seen him in concert with the group as well as during his solo tours.  Byrne's show over the weekend was excellent.  It included some interesting new songs, and a stage show that at times felt like we were watching performance art.  Byrne offered crowd-pleasing renditions of some Talking Heads classics and those songs have pretty much been stuck in my head since the performance.

So, feeling that concert high that comes from a great show, you can imagine my disappointment when I told my niece about the concert and she said, "Never heard of him."

I quickly sent her some YouTube video clips of Talking Heads songs that I felt she should know.  I sent her a blurb about the best concert film of all time (in my opinion,)  "Stop Making Sense.  I told her that it was directed by renowned director Jonathan Demme.  I told her I saw the film in theatres three times; at the Ocean County Library's Toms River branch once, and I purchased the DVD of the film.

For a few minutes I felt something powerful take over me.  Like I had a calling to share this important musical history with her.  Maybe some day she'll be on Jeopardy and our little music lesson will prove helpful!  But more than that, I wanted to share with her something that was a big part of my life when I was her age.

How have you turned the younger generation on to the music that you think is an important part of rock and roll history?  Or how have you exposed them to artists or bands that were meaningful to you?



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