So I spotted this guy in our neighborhood .... the "turkey vulture". In some areas known as the "turkey buzzard" and in the Caribbean it's the "john crow". The scavenger of the air ... this bird usually turns up when there's food to be found, although he's not too picky. In flight he can look impressive, but when he lands you spot that face that only a momma turkey vulture can love. I love birds, but this one I must admit is just not a favorite.

Have you spotted a "turkey vulture" in your neighborhood ?

Did you know?

  • The Turkey Vulture is one of the few birds able to use its sense of smell to locate food.
  • Turkey Vultures don't have a voicebox. They can't sing or call. Their vocalizations are limited to hisses and grunts.
  • Though they look awkward and ungainly on the ground and must work hard to gain flight, they are graceful and elegant in the air, soaring in beautiful teetering flights across the sky. They rarely need to flap their wings.

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