Little is known and until recently, little has been heard about a clandestine group of special op soldiers known as the Navy SEALS. However, in Seaside Heights at the end of the month, you can meet some of its veterans and become intimately acquainted with some of the rigorous training exercises they faced. That's when the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Navy SEAL Foundation Chapter will be hosting the Navy SEAL Challenge Tri-event.

Local Foundation Chapter Coordinator Paul Wnek, who's a former Navy SEAL, says the two-day event that runs from Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th will feature three challenges that include a beach front obstacle course with 20 to 30 obstacles, a run-swim-run event with wet suits and a 5k boardwalk run challenge.

Wnek says he originally planned to hold the Navy SEAL Challenge as one-day event but was encouraged by Seaside Officials and the business community to hold it as a weekend event as a way to say thank you to members of the armed forces.

Wnek says he'll be bringing fellow Navy SEAL Veterans with him but is also encouraging other Members of the military to attend. "We're going to the tri-base area Lakehurst, McGuire, Fort Dix and asking the soldiers to come out and just be with us for the weekend to say thank you."

Wnek says there will also be awards, promotions and give-aways to participants.

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You can also donate to the Navy Seal Foundation at: The Navy SEAL Chapter, 391 Aldo Drive, Toms River, NJ 08753

Information provided by Navy SEAL Foundation, says the foundation "provides assistance in many meaningful ways. If an active-duty member is injured or dies in combat, the Foundation helps the family with everything from memorial services to arranging transportation for family members who live far away. In addition, the Foundation also hosts special events that bring families together and recognizes scholastic achievements through scholarships and educational assistance to active-duty personnel, their spouses and children. Visit to learn more."