I was recently out to dinner with my friends and we were having an awesome night. The drinks were flowing, the food was tasty, and out of nowhere in the corner of the restaurant, the acoustic guitar player started singing a song from Pearl Jam. It was the song 'Daughter' to be exact. Pearl Jam is one of the big headlining acts so of course, this sparked a crazy dinner conversation about Asbury Park's 'Sea Hear Now' music festival. All of us were getting fired up about the topic and yes, there was alcohol involved. We all agreed that we hope to attend the two-day festival on September 18th and 19th, but will the festival even happen? Some of my friends think it will be canceled. That's including a frontline worker who is an RN at Jersey Shore University Medical Center (Thank you to all frontline workers). The others believe the two -day festival will happen without a hitch. What do you think?

MY OPINION: People will continue to get the COVID-19 vaccine, that's obviously going to make everything better. In addition, the festival is outside on the beach. We didn't forget about the pandemic, but remember how easier things were when we were able to spend time in warmer weather? At the very least, the festival will be limited capacity and all festival-goers will have to wear masks. Either way, I can't wait!

The 'Sea Hear Now' organizers are continuing to follow state guidelines and as of now, the festival is still 100% happening. You can follow 'Sea Hear Now' on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.

You can see awesome Asbury Park and other Jersey Shore photos by following Robert Siliato Photography on Facebook & Instagram. Check out his website by CLICKING THIS LINK!

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