This Winter is a rough one on our automobiles

This has been a rough Winter on all of our cars. The roadways have had snow and ice, so there's been a ton of salt used and as we know,  no car loves it when it's 2 degrees outdoors. This Winter so far is on pace to break records with temps in single digits and wind chills below zero!

So how often are you going to the car wash this Winter ? Do you even bother at this point ? I had to take mine this weekend. I had so much salt on my car it looked like a powdered doughnut and I needed to vacuum the inside too. Not fun in frigid weather, but I was overdue.



It is also a good idea to check oil , wiper fluid, tires and battery for any signs of trouble. I checked fluid levels this weekend also.


ensure your vehicle is in top condition, and be prepared for emergency situations. Before you go dashing through the snow, stock your trunk with, jumper cables, rock salt (to melt ice), an ice scraper, a can of tire inflator and a blanket. Keep your mobile phone charged~ Road & Travel Magazine has a great article on Winter care for your vehicle.



Share your " Winter Car Care Tips " as we look out for each other this season .