One thing that we always hear about here in the Garden State is "property taxes".  According to Quicken Loans, "New Jersey, Illinois and New Hampshire top the list of states with the highest effective property tax rates. This means that, with the average home price in New Jersey at $500,628 in the first quarter of 2021, the homeowner would pay just over $10,660 in yearly property taxes." 

Of the three New Jersey has the highest rate in the nation. So with that said, here are the lowest property taxes in New Jersey. These towns have the lowest rates in the state with the highest average rate. Jon Tyson Jon Tyson



NJ.COM released an article which ranked the lowest property taxes in New Jersey and we are sharing the Top 10 with you to look over, maybe an option?



10. Salem

Salem City residents paid $3,331 in 2021

9. Downe

This Cumberland County town paid $3,323 in 2021

8. Dennis

Dennis Township in Cape May County in 2021 paid $3,253

7. Washington Township (Burlington County)

Folks in Washington Township (Burlington County) paid $3,062 in property taxes

6. Commercial

This Cumberland County town paid $2,754 on average

5. Audubon Park

The Camden County town average was $2,695 in 2021

4. Teterboro

The Bergen County town paid $2,214 on average in 2021

3. Lower Alloways Creek

Lower Alloways Creek paid $2,152 in 2021

2. Woodbine

The Cape May County Town (Lowest) paid $2,059 on average in 2021

1. Camden

On Average, Camden City homeowners paid $1,917 in 2021
 The New York Public Library The New York Public Library


By the way in Ocean County the lowest property taxes were in Manchester Township, in 2021 residents paid $4,320 on average.

The lowest property taxes in Monmouth County were in Shrewsbury Township where they paid  $4,188 on average in 2021.


How do your property taxes compare? Let us know, post your comments below.


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