When I was a kid, I always enjoyed playing in my parents' bedroom.  I remember opening and closing the dresser drawers and cabinet doors again and again.  I'm not sure why I was so drawn to their furniture.  I just loved the way it looked.  Now that I'm a grown woman, I understand that that was the beginning of my developing a taste for all things "Mid Century Modern."  The style of furniture often is described as having "clean lines" and "tapered legs."  I love the beautiful woods and brass accents.  Mom and Dad's furniture now sits in my house and I love to look at it every day.

Surrounding ourselves with nostalgia can make us feel good.   People collect antique, vintage, or retro items for many reasons.   In your home, do you have some cherished pieces from the past?  Do you just like the way they look or do they bring back some fond memories?  Do you think "vintage" things were made better and have more character?  I say "yes" to all those questions.

If you had to pick a favorite era or type of furniture or decor, what would it be?

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