Over the weekend I had a charity truck come to my house and take away some furniture I was getting rid of.  It was a win-win.  They will sell it at their thrift store, and I’ve cleared space in my home.

With the weather so lovely, did you find yourself out in the garage?  Maybe you’ve come upon some items you’re really not using anymore.  Perhaps you’ve got a springtime home renovation planned and you’ll need to get rid of items that won’t fit the new décor.

What is your favorite way to unload old furniture?  Do you sell it on Craigslist or eBay or some other online site?  Do you post on Facebook?  Do you offer it to friends and family?  Or do you just put it out to the curb with hopes someone will take it away?

I’ve pretty much done all of the above in the past but donating to a good cause is my favorite.  Not only does the charity make money by selling the item, but the buyer gets to enjoy something they like.  And I’ve kept it out of the landfill by finding it a new home.

Which Jersey Shore Charities have you donated furniture to?  Do they provide pick up service or do you have to bring the furniture to a drop-off location?

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