This morning I heard that it's Random Acts of Kindness Day so I decided to do some research and write a blog post about ways to recognize such an occasion.  But then I saw some conflicting information.  Some are celebrating this week.  Some celebrated last week.  It really doesn' t matter though, because kindness is awesome any day of the year, right?  I'll never forget the times a neighbor shovelled my driveway, or the time a customer paid my restaurant bill anonymously.  And in the hot Australia desert with the sun beating down, my friends and I were touched by the kindness of hikers who shared extra bottles of water with us.  It's nice to be on the receiving end of thoughtfulness and it feels good to pay it forward as well. Here's a website you can visit for ideas on Random Acts of Kindness you can do

Some actions that don't cost any money are:  let someone in line go in front of you, visit someone who's lonely,  smile at a stranger, bring in the neighbor's trash can, leave a coupon on a store shelf, and post a positive comment on a website or blog.  Hey, I like that last one!  Why not start with this blog?  Leave a comment with an act of kindness that you've experienced.