As the pandemic rages on, I feel like every week I see heartbreaking social media posts about local eateries closing their doors because they aren’t making enough money from take-out, delivery, and limited indoor dining.

I was so excited to see a giant banner saying that a local favorite will be opening another location here in Ocean County. I was on my way to work in Toms River yesterday and I saw a giant Joe’s Bagel & Grill banner in Beachwood right next to the very famous Pie’s On 9 plaza.

The new Joe’s Bagel & Grill will take over the location of the old QuickChek that has been vacant ever since they moved to the opposite side of Route 9 so they could add a bigger store and gas station to compete with Wawa down the road.

The local famous bagel shop will now go head to head to head with Manhattan Bagel and Oh What A Bagel and give them a run for their money.

According to their website, Joe’s has seven active locations, including one on Fischer Boulevard in Toms River with two locations marked as “coming soon”: 658 Atlantic City Boulevard in Beachwood and 2441 Route 34 in Manasquan.

Joe’s Bagel & Grill reminds me a lot of Bubbakoos when they first started way back when. If you go onto their website you can already see opportunities for franchising a Joe’s which says a lot about their aspirations for the future.

Who knows, maybe we will see Joe’s Bagel & Grill be on the same level as Manhattan Bagel or Dunkin Donuts?

Have you ever been to Joe’s Bagel & Grill? What did you think of the food? Let us know in the comment section below.

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