I went dancing over the weekend and didn't want to be weighted down so I took only the bare essentials in a tiny "crossbody bag."  I felt much lighter with only my credit card, license, insurance card...and lipstick, of course.  I loved the feeling of being free of my purse which probably weighs a few pounds.

It got me wondering why I schlep so much stuff around with me every day. Truth be told, I don't really use half of what's inside!  Old receipts, 5 pens, expired coupons, a program from a play I saw 2 weeks ago.  It's really kind of ridiculous!

I dare you to look inside your purse right now!  What's the most unnecessary thing in your bag?  And speaking of handbags, do you remember calling them "pocketbooks?"  It seems that may be a generational thing.  I remember hearing my mother and aunts use that word.  And on an unrelated note:  do you ever wonder what's inside Queen Elizabeth's purse/handbag/pocketbook?  I do!

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