I had two recent experiences in which I was able to come to the aide of people in distress.  I didn't save lives or anything, but I did help control their coughing fits.  I usually always have cough drops in my purse so I offered and they accepted, with gratitude.

I felt badly in both cases that they were coughing so much.  One woman ran to catch a bus and triggered an asthma attack which led to the coughing fit.  And the other woman kept hacking during a theatrical production.  She was happy and so were all of us in that section; glad that the lozenge helped quiet her down and relieve her cough.

My friend in high school used to always have a little pocket pack of tissues with her.  As I usually was unprepared for my frequently runny nose, she became my unofficial supplier.  I could always count on her to have what I needed.

My Manhattan outings are usually with my sister and thankfully she always has hand sanitizer with her.  There's something about those germy subway poles and staircase handrails that make me say, "Pass the Purell, please!"

What's the one thing that YOU always have with you?  Do people come to expect that you're a good source for something?  Hand lotion?  Eye drops, Pen and paper?  Breath mints?

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