Even if you’re not a baseball fan the start of the season is truly something to celebrate because it means better days are ahead. At least in terms of weather.

It starts out feeling more like football season but before long we’ll be watching games in shorts and flip-flops and a cold beer will replace a cup of hot coffee.  Like everything else baseball is not perfect but a warm summer night at the ballpark still is a pretty good way to spend an evening with your family or friends.

What I remember most about the first Mets game I went to was the grass.  I was probably around 10 years old and when I got my first clear view of the Shea Stadium field I was mesmerized.  I’d never seen anything so beautiful, this bold and bright green color and perfectly cut.I swear I could smell it.

My father’s friend was the head usher there so we got in hours before the game and the stadium was virtually empty.  I looked around in amazement and wonderment and could not imagine there was any better place to be at that moment.

Baseball is not my favorite sport but there is something special about it.  Many complain it’s too slow but it’s the pace of the game that makes it so special.  No clock to worry about, the game ends when you get 27 outs (or less in high school and little league) which is often easier said than done.

The season officially opened Sunday with three games including the Yankees losing at Tampa Bay.  The Mets open today against Atlanta at CitiField which replaced Shea Stadium in 2009 while the Phillies are in Cincinnati.

We’re also fortunate in having a local minor league team and the BlueClaws season begins in Kannapolis, North Carolina on Thursday with their home opener in Lakewood a week later.  Throw in the fact that we have great high school baseball and that rain-delayed season gets underway today.

PLAY BALL!  It’s baseball season










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