It's been 13 years since our pleasant little shore town became a national topic of conversation.

Love it or hate it, Jersey Shore has become a big part of pop culture.  Who could have ever imagined that a group of people partying in Seaside Heights would get so much attention?

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Through the years, people have embraced the cast of the reality show; stopping to visit the house with the Italian flag painted on it in Seaside, reenacting iconic moments from the show on the boardwalk, and seeing the cast at many of their appearances.

Others, of course, have been vocal about their disdain for the show.  They feel it gives the Jersey Shore a bad name, and want the world to know we're more than just a bunch of loud party animals.

The show was even supposed to get a reboot called Jersey Shore 2.0, which came with a little bit of controversy.  The original cast members expressed their disapproval of the idea on social media, and once again, actual residents of the Jersey Shore did not want cameras and partiers taking over their town.  The show has since paused filming and hasn't announced any plans of resuming yet.

Last Thursday, MTV celebrated 13 years of the original Jersey Shore with a special called Jerzstory,  that highlighted how the reality show changed TV forever.  You have to admit, as much of a headache as this show can be, it really is an important part of pop culture and history.

You can check out a preview for Jerzstory below.  If you've missed the special, it doesn't look like it's on-demand or on Paramount Plus just yet.

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