Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

It was April 10th 1996 that I set out en route to Community Medical Center in Toms River with my Wife in labor and a snow storm causing for a real slow go! In fact we wondered as we drove through the snow on the Parkway that we might have this baby at the Forked River rest stop! At least we would've had plenty of coffee!

After a snowy commute we did finally arrive at Community and after very little time our Daughter was here! and for the past 21 years it has been a blessing having her in our lives.

Funny thing is that "21" of course is a big birthday, but she is away in College in as I've been telling her "I'm Always Watching!" and I could pop up at ANY MOMENT!

Happy 21st Birthday Erin (aka Ireland) we couldn't be any more proud of you and remember Dad is ALWAYS watching lol




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