Summer is maybe the best time to enjoy delicious seafood here at the Jersey Shore and one menu item people love is "oysters". Not only here in New Jersey, but around the nation. In fact, according to Google, Americans eat 2 billion oysters annually. So no wonder there is a list of the best "oyster bars" in America and we have one right here in Monmouth County.



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According to an article from 24/7 Tempo on, New Jersey's best oyster bar is in Asbury Park. "Located in historic Convention Hall along the boardwalk, Asbury Park Oyster Bar is yet another sign of the beach town's revival. Every week, the oceanfront venue serves up a selection of oysters from Delaware Bay up to Nova Scotia, allowing guests to taste the sea while enjoying sea breezes."

The Asbury Oyster Bar is 24/7 Tempo's pick for the Garden States' best oyster bar.  As mentioned it's located right at Convention Hall on the Boardwalk in Asbury Park. (1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ, United States, New Jersey)

Joy had this review on their Facebook page, "Excellent and fresh oysters. Charming bar area. Hip atmosphere"

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Next time you are looking for a unique and charming "Jersey Shore" restaurant with a specialty in seafood and great drinks and a cool ambiance, be sure to check out New Jersey's best "oyster bar" Asbury Oyster Bar.

Let us know your review and any other local restaurants you recommend for delicious oysters, we always love your feedback. I'm gonna wrap up this article and maybe head to Convention Hall for a delicious plate of oysters :)


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