Christmas is more than two months away but if you’ve been in a department store, hardware store or many others recently you know we are in full Christmas mode whether we like it or not.  While Halloween is just a week away it has been relegated to a secondary status because it seems we always are in a hurry to get not to the next holiday or season but the one after that.  By the way forget about Thanksgiving as it really doesn’t exist because there’s not enough commercial (money) appeal.

Anyway there is something wrong with the fact that Christmas season in stores started when it was still 80 degrees outside on a regular basis.  Why the rush? We seem to do this with everything as shortly after Christmas before you can take a breath we’ll be dealing with Valentine’s Day.

If I was the President of the U.S. or a candidate I would focus my campaign on “Calendar Chaos” and pass a law that with some exceptions it was a violation to work more than one holiday in advance.  Some of my ideas:

  • Valentine’s Day prep can begin on January 15 as we need a break after Christmas.
  • Easter has to fluctuate because the date changes but do we really need more than six weeks? I don’t think so.
  • Halloween “stuff” cannot come out before September 15th. Let parents get their kids settled in school before having to worry about ghosts and witches.
  • Christmas is tricky. I would like to wait until after Thanksgiving but that is unrealistic so how about November 1st…the day after Halloween.

I know…there is no chance this will happen.  I can dream can’t it?

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