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From time to time we see various scams emerge and some have been here before and I am pretty sure although this is my first time seeing this particular scam, it's made the rounds before. It's an email scam that preys on law abiding citizens and hopes to get you to click on to their erroneous links. So here is what happened to me.....


Shawn Michaels


This week I was going through my email at work when I saw this email pop-up. The email stated I had been caught on camera running a red light and that I need to pay a fine. I knew I had not done this, but they hope law abiding citizens will click because they want to clear their good name. Not advised that you do click on anything that looks like this. Best bet is to simply delete.

If you look at this email it comes from gov-co.com lol no such thing. It's signed "Department of Transportation" what department? no town no state....nothing. This is a classic email scam and you want to avoid it.

Sue just received (Friday) TEXT on her phone with this same scam, so you may even see this pop up on your phone! Wow this is getting around.

Have you been the target of this scam? or have you been the victim of this scam? Avoid any problems and if you see the "red light citation scam" come up in your email at work or at home....just delete it's bogus and could not only rip you off, but harm your computer as well.

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