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October is a "spooky" month with Halloween and "Trick or Treating" .... not to mention the Great Pumpkin! But this October will get even more spooky with two full moons in October, including a "Blue Moon" on Halloween

Shawn Michaels

The first part of our sky show will be tonight, Thursday October 1st. This full moon is known as the "Harvest Moon". I will be sure to have the camera nearby tonight so if I see an opportunity to grab a nice shot of the Harvest Moon I definitely will. Ove the years I have been fortunate to get some nice shots of the moon. Usually you need a high powered lens in order to grab a nice moon pic. In the past I have used a 500 millimeter lens and its worked ok, although I know many will use even more intense lenses to capture the best shots of our space neighbor.

The second full moon, the "Blue Moon", will happen on Halloween! Could this be the "Great Pumpkin" that Linus has been looking for? When you have two full moons' in one month, the second is called a "Blue Moon". Happening on Halloween...that's spooky!

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