This made me smile so "BIG" and I'm hoping it makes you smile, too.

Ocean Gate School
Ocean Gate School (Google Street View)

Ocean Gate School just made us remember the Christmas spirit and why it's the most beautiful through our children's eyes. This made me smile, tear, and so proud of all the kids at Ocean Gate School. Way to go Gators.

OK, how wonderful is that? Every single class in Ocean Gate School participated and it was produced by Mr. Brown.

Do you remember how many Ocean County Schools, when the pandemic began back in February and March when schools shut down, how many schools made videos for their students. Once again it's the schools that bring a smile to our face.

I want to personally thank all the teachers who have been in school, virtual, or remote. It's been a tough year for everybody. Everyone's schedules are all messed up, but teachers have to deal with a lot. They talk to our kids, they teach our kids, and they help our kids. Teaching is tough. I've grown up in a "teacher" household. My Grandma, Aunt, and my brother are all teachers or were teachers. I'm sending teachers a little bit of love and a huge "Thank you". My daughter is in Central Regional High School and loves her teachers. Believe you me, she's a teenager...she doesn't love everybody.(LOL) So, when she says she loves school and loves her teachers that's big.

A "BIG" thank you to Ocean Gate School for giving us a smile. Merry Christmas. I would love to see this video go viral, they deserve it.

Sue Moll
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