As we continue to dig through the WOBM archives to give you a view into Ocean County's past as we prepare for our 50th birthday on March 1st, this fantastic piece of art turned up:

"Ocean County's View of The World" - 1983 (WOBM Archives)

Titled "Ocean County's View of the World", there is some amazing detail in this 1983 piece. Our Chief Engineer Tom Trembly put it perfectly when he said that it's, "...the type of thing you really have to stare at for half an hour to fully appreciate".

Obviously, photos can only do it so much justice, but here are some zoomed in details.

With WOBM keeping an eye over Ocean County (anchored to Lakehurst, naturally), Six Flags Great Adventure and the WOBM tower can be seen here, with Philadelphia at the other end of the New Jersey Turnpike.

"Ocean County's View of the World" Detail (WOBM Archives)

Toms River and Brick on the mainland, and the barrier island from Casino Pier in Seaside Heights to Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach are the centerpieces here:

"Ocean County's View of the World" Detail (WOBM Archives)

From Seaside Park's Funtown Pier to Old Barney and Long Beach Island, the tail end of Ocean County stretches down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City.

"Ocean County's View of the World" Detail (WOBM Archives)

And my personal favorite part:

"Ocean County's View of the World" (WOBM Archives)

Indeed we are, and proud of it!

Again, it's only possible to get across a small taste of the amazing detail, creativity, and humor in this outstanding piece of art from the WOBM archives.

By the way, if you right click on any of the images above, you can open a new browser window or tab for the full size image which you can zoom in on and check out all the details for yourself!

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