Ocean County came into existence in 1850, that is not part of the "5 things you may not know about Ocean County" but it is another nugget you might have not known. Ocean County came into existence after a portion of Monmouth County was cut to become Ocean, Burlington County also annexed Little Egg Harbor to give Ocean County its final map in 1891.


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I thought it might be cool to learn a little something about the place we call home and I found 5 things maybe you don't know about Ocean County. Maybe some of you will and if so I applaud your knowledge of Ocean County history. Take a look at these five and see how you do with them and hopefully learn a thing or two.

  1. The very first town in Ocean County was founded in 1768, Toms River. Toms River was the vwery first town in Ocean County.
  2. The very first boardwalk in Ocean County (on pillars) was the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk. The Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk was built in 1890
  3. According to the U.S. Census (2020), Ocean County's population is just over 637,000 residents.
  4. What is featured in the official Ocean County Seal? It's a sailboat that is centered in the official seal of Ocean County.
  5. The very first High School in Ocean County was Toms River High School. Toms River High School opened its doors in 1891. The school later became known as Toms River High School South. The current high school was opened in 1951 in Downtown Toms River Toms River North was second and Toms River East became the township's 3rd high school.

So there you go 5 things you may not have known about our home, Ocean County.


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