Restaurant owners have gotten some solace on Monday after Governor Murphy gave the 'okay' for indoor dining to resume with restrictions, but that doesn't wipe out all of the hardships that restaurant and diner owners have had to go through over the last few months.

Unfortunately, many patrons only care about themselves and filling their stomachs with delicious food at the Jersey Shore. There have been hundreds of fights that have broken out over wearing a mask around America because people think that they are above the law. 

Speaking of someone who thinks they are above the law, there is an alleged 'dine and dash' situation in Ocean County going viral on social media. 

Mickey's Port of Call Pub, a popular eatery in Tuckerton, took to their social media accounts after a person ordered food and did not pay the tab. The post is a photo of a thumbs up in front of a receipt totalling $87.42 with the caption, "On the lookout for a purple Porsche SUV. Thank you for coming, but you forgot to pay your tab. Please come again. With money this time." 

Whether this was intentional or not, this is infuriating. First of all, I highly doubt that someone made a mistake not to pay their $87 bill that would be closer to $105 if they tipped adequately, although these seem like people who don't tip 20%. 

Ugh. How could people be so rude? While I feel terrible for the owner (and I really do), I feel awful for the waiter or waitress that put the food together for these people and did not get a tip. 

These poor business owners can't catch a break. 

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