Astro and Nova are ready for their forever home! Look at their sweet faces! Are you in love?


Popcorn Park Zoo


Astro and Nova are a doubly-delightful duo that will win you over the moment you meet them! How can you not love this incredibly sweet brother/sister pair? Astro has all of his puppyish-whiny-talking going on, and Nova has her sweet, mature, motherly nature. Astro is the bubbly brown boy and Nova is the blond beauty. The 2 year old siblings came to us initially as strays and when their owners were located, they decided to give them up. Astro and Nova are very friendly, outgoing, and sweet, and they're well behaved too. They sit nicely when asked, take treats very gently, are polite when they play, and are housebroken. They make some fuss when they pass by another dog but can meet a dog and we'll see how they do. They're playful and fun-loving, and would enjoy taking hikes with you or going on adventures. They also love each other dearly and will need a home where they can stay together forever.

Check out Astro and Nova's video:

Popcorn Park Zoo

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