Imagine going to the beach, and your child or someone you know is in a wheel chair and can't go any further than the dunes or a little past the dunes.  They can't make it to the water, it's too tough to get through the sand with their wheel chair or walker.  That's where some Ocean County Moms started a fantastic fundraiser and they need your help.  CLICK HERE for their go fund me site! Help out!

Most Ocean County and Monmouth County beaches are handicapped accessible, there is usually a board walk or walk way to the dunes, but it doesn't go to the water.

Several Ocean County Moms, Beach Days for All,  came together and put together a fundraiser raising money for mats for the beach.  These mats would make it so much easier for walkers, wheel chairs, and anyone with a handicap to get to the ocean.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the mats and to donate money.  All ages love to enjoy our beautiful beaches, let's make it a little easier for everyone!





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