A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for the entire Jersey Shore ahead with Jose.  Click here for all the latest information with 92.7 WOBM's Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.  

tropical storm
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Here are some great ways to prepare for your family:

Make sure your phones are all charged before we lose power.

Have a "to go" bag.  Make sure everything is in there that you need.  Batteries, medications, anything you need to keep you and your family as comfortable as you can.

Do you have an escape plan?  If the water rises--what are your plans?

Please put away your outside furniture, close the umbrellas, and strap things down if need be.

Make sure you have plans for your pets.

CLICK HERE for more helpful information on preparing your family for a tropical storm and a hurricane thanks to nbcnews.com.


Stay safe and always remember to change those batteries in your radio, we will always be right by your side!



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