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Shawn Michaels


This Fall many college students are left wondering what they will do for school amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. Do you go away to school? do you stay close and commute? do you go remotely? or do you skip college until COVID 19 is under control?

That's a lot for college students to consider, but decisions must be made. When considering your options, consider a new survey out from "Guide to Online Schools". The free service enables students to compare all online college and university programs in the Nation. This according to an article in the Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor Leader.

Ocean County College has for some time, offered virtual programs for remote learning. Over 150 virtual courses. Many students opting for remote education due to COVID 19.

Guide to Online Schools  in it's survey considers all county colleges offering at least one online Associate's Degree. Guide to Online Schools then took their data and ranked schools based on information calculated according to an internal formula that uses online enrollment percentage, retention rate and the number of online associate's degrees offered.

How do you feel about the state of college these days amid the Coronavirus Pandemic? As a parent or a student.....do you feel "virtual" learning is as beneficial as on-site education? Do you feel you should be charged as much for "virtual" learning as "on-campus" learning? Do you feel safe going onto a college campus? Lots to consider during COVID 19.

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