Three New Yorkers plead not guilty in an infamous cold case involving the death of a little girl also known as the 'Baby Bones' case.According to the Asbury Park Press, Defendants, Likisha Jones, her husband Godfrey

Jon-Niece Jones Sketch, NJ State Police

Gibson and her brother James Jones were arraigned in a Freehold courtroom Monday. They're charged with hindering apprehension, evidence tampering, obstruction and conspiracy counts for trying to conceal the murder of their neice Jon-Niece Jones who died in her aunt's New York apartment in 2002 after suffering year's of abuse by her mother Elisha Jones.

Her burned remains and clothing items were found by a hunter in 2005 by a hunter in Upper Freehold Township.

The case gained national attention in 2009 after it was featured on Americas Most Wanted.