TSA Officers get a bad rap. It’s totally undeserved. I find most to be very nice … and, they have a very difficult job.

I absolutely love this story.

A rookie TSA Officer, Cecilia Morales was on the job for only two months and she is being hailed as a hero and she is a bonafide hero.

Morales heard noises coming from the Terminal C area of Newark International Airport.

While everyone else panicked … Morales is also an EMT and she took charge, by jumping over a checkpoint area.

TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein has confirmed that Morales placed the child face down on her arm which is the correct position to commence CPR on an infant.

Morales successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver and the infant began breathing again.

This is from Farbstein’s Twitter account:

JUST IN: @TSA officer, a former EMT, hailed as a hero after she jumped over a checkpoint conveyor belt to perform Heimlich on an infant who stopped breathing at ⁦@EWRairport⁩ checkpoint, saving the baby’s life. #TSAHolidayMiracle. The news release: https://go.usa.gov/xeJXk

The 2-month baby boy was red-faced and had stopped breathing. It was a critical moment of truth situation.

Had Morales not been on hand and just happened to have EMT and CPR training, this could have been a disastrous result.

SOURCE: TSA Northeast.

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