I can’t think of something more frustrating.

You’re sitting in the airport; you are patiently waiting for your airplane to arrive and pull up at that gate.

Then what happens next?  You wait for the people to deplane, and you wait a little longer to board.

Then you should be off to your destination.

Recently, this has not been the case.  With the 4th of July weekend approaching quickly, we are continuously hearing reports of cancellations and significant delays at the airports.

Northeast Blizzard Causes Flight Delays Across The U.S.
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According to Flight Aware, Newark had the most canceled departures and arrivals among US airports to kick off the day.

It is absolutely frustrating if you are a traveler during these times.  Not to mention, the prices are outrageous.

I’m a parent with two young kids, and a few months ago, we went on a trip to Florida.  Our flight from Newark to Orlando should have left at 7 pm.  Arrival at the hotel, at the latest, would have been 10:30 pm.

After hours of delays, we finally arrived at the hotel by 2 am.

It was brutal on all of us.

This should not be the new normal.

Airlines Cancel Thousands Of Flights As Omicron Cases Surge
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Now, the good news, USA Today’s Zach Wichter reported that Delta is doing something great for travelers if they find themselves in a situation of cancellations and rebooking.  According to the article"

“Delta Air Lines issued an unusual waiver that will let customers rebook their trip without paying change fees or fare differences.  The waiver is good through July 8.”

They go on by saying that:

“Customers covered by the policy are those who plan to fly anywhere in Delta's network between July 1 and July 4. To qualify for the fare difference waiver, travel must be rebooked and begin by July 8, and must begin and end at the same airport and in the same cabin class as the original ticket.”

At least Delta, as it seems, is doing the right thing and offering passengers peace of mind.

Here is the official waiver information from Delta.

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If you are traveling this holiday, especially by plane, good luck.

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