I'm a night owl by nature.  For years my best energy and thoughts would come in the evening.  Then, I started working on WOBM's early morning radio show so I had to shift my schedule.  Moving to Middays allowed me to return to my preferred later schedule: Up around 8 am and to sleep about 1 am.

But something has shifted.  I've joined a morning meditation group that meets online at 6:30 am.  Then at 7:00 I do a little exercise.  Nothing too intense.  About 15 minutes worth of cardio/stretching/dancing.  The result is that I've been feeling really good!  I'm energized and feel ready to handle whatever comes my way.  I seem to be more productive.  The day doesn't fly by so quickly when it starts around 6 am.

I'm not sure if my age has anything to do with this.  I've heard we need less sleep as we age.  Whatever's going on, I'm glad to have discovered a new morning ritual that's making me feel better.

Another bonus is that because I'm waking up early, I'm falling asleep easily and resting through the night.

It got me wondering how all you busy parents start your day in Ocean County.  Are you immediately tending to your kids or can you carve out a little "me" time in the morning before things get hectic.  If you do have some quiet time in the morning, how do you spend it?  Reading? Savoring a coffee? Watching TV?  Meditating?  Exercising?

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