As improved Parkway access work continues in Brick, a new on-ramp for the Parkway northbound has opened for travelers on Burnt Tavern Road.

The work is still continuing in earnest on Burnt Tavern, Lanes Mill, and Burrsville roads, as preparations for full on/off access both northbound and southbound near an end in the next week and a half (at least according to signs in the area).

But as of now, the new northbound Parkway ramp has opened, branching off of Burnt Tavern Road, crossing at a new light on Lanes Mill Road (north of Burnt Tavern), and providing access to both the Parkway on-ramp and the east side park and ride lot.

Another nice offshoot of this is the fact that travelers on Burrsville Road no longer have to cross Burnt Tavern and hop on the old jughandle to merge onto Burnt Tavern in order to get on the Parkway. Now they'll just cross and hop on from Lanes Mill Road.

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

We're still anticipating the full interchange, which will allow travelers to get both on and off the Parkway in both directions, which you can read the details of by clicking here.


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