This feels like a good news/bad news situation for people who travel through a busy local intersection on a regular basis.

For the last few weeks, Van Zile Road at Burnt Tavern Road in Brick was closed to drivers who wanted to turn left onto Burnt Tavern or right onto Van Zile.

While taking the nearby jughandle at the TD Bank to get onto Van Zile from Burnt Tavern wasn't a big deal, it was a hassle having to head east to the jughandle over by the Saw Mill bike path just to backtrack half a mile.

Thankfully, the closure was cleared last week, but you should be prepared for the new traffic pattern at the light to get onto Burnt Tavern Road, now with two left turn lanes:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

First of all, for those who travel this area a lot, it's going to take some careful driving. If you're in the left lane, keep in mind that someone could be making the left turn next to you. If you take the turn too wide, it won't end well.

This kind of setup is also a bit of a pet peeve of mine in general. If you want to make a legal right turn on red, if there's somebody in front of you who wants to make that left, you'll be waiting.

As of this writing, there's still road painting and paving to do, and the work between Van Zile and Greenbriar isn't done yet, so the whole area is still subject to lane closures.

Drive safe, hopefully it'll all be done soon!

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