With the massive amount of roadwork that's been going on in Brick around the Parkway Exit 91 interchange, another new traffic pattern is in effect today, with more to follow this week.

With totally new traffic patterns going into effect on Lanes Mill Road leading to Burnt Tavern Road since the spring, the Exit 91 B-A project continues to develop with a new traffic signal at one of the busiest parts of Burnt Tavern Road.

Formerly, motorists exiting the Greenbriar neighborhood would have to take a pretty hard merge onto Burnt Tavern Road. But now, with the new traffic signal, the light will control traffic exiting Greenbriar onto Burnt Tavern.

So thankfully, for those getting onto Burnt Tavern, there won't be any more white knuckle merging, especially during rush times. For those on Burnt Tavern, there won't be any more drivers trying to get creative by making a space where there isn't one!

Signs in the area also indicate that the traffic pattern at the Burrsville Road interchange will be evolving this week. Could this be the long awaited full opening of the Exit 91 B-A interchange in both directions?

We'll keep an eye on it and be sure to keep you in the loop!


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