Most of us remember the devastating fire that tore through half a block of businesses in downtown Toms River in the Spring of last year. The buildings were beyond repair, and were torn down only a few months later. Since then, downtown denizens have had to pass an empty patch of dirt every day. Well, that will soon be changing. 

You may have noticed over the past few days that landscaping material, trees, and shrubberies have been showing up in the fenced off corner of Washington Street and Robbins Street.

A temporary park is going to be set up while plans are in the works for what will eventually take permanent residence at the spot.

As developer Gary Lotano told our Townsquare Tonight program, “do you want to look at a fenced in pile of dirt for two years...?"

So, in the meantime, we'll have a new space downtown to enjoy lunch, meet up with friends and co-workers, and generally not look at a fenced in pile of dirt. The project is expected to take about three weeks.

What would you like to see there permanently? Tell us in the comments!