Robbins Street

New Park In Downtown Toms River Is Taking Shape
Most of us remember the devastating fire that tore through half a block of businesses in downtown Toms River in the Spring of last year. The buildings were beyond repair, and were torn down only a few months later. Since then, downtown denizens have had to pass an empty patch of dirt every day. Well…
Work Continues in Fire Damaged Toms River Downtown
Last week we shared with you a video of the demolition work that was being done on the fire damaged buildings on Robbins Street in downtown Toms River. If you've been in the area this week, you've probably noticed the new gaping hole at the corner of Robbins Street and Washington Street.
Toms River Firefighters Remember 9/11 Victims
Thirteen years later, Toms River Fire Company Number One paid homage to fellow first responders and civilians killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks during an Anniversary Remembrance downtown, at the corner of Washington and Robbin's Streets.