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Lately it's more about what Bruce is saying, then what he is singing....but I think we all have to agree whether you agree will Bruce's political views or not we can all agree we love his music. That being said I'm excited to hear new Springsteen  music is out and with the E Street Band!

The title track of Springsteen's new album "Letter To You" is really good and it's really good to hear Bruce with the E Street Band. There's just something about seeing Stevie and Bruce jammin' together while Max is pounding away on the drums.

According to Apple Music this album was recorded in Bruce's home studio right here in the Garden State. Three of the album's tracks date back to the early 70's...the other 9 tracks are all new.

Springsteen fans will have to wait for the full album to drop October 23rd.

Living here at the Jersey Shore you have to feel a bond with Springsteen and the E Street Band, like they are our band we shared with the world. Today more people debate issues then the real issue which is music. I mute the politics and enjoy the music, hopefully you will do this and enjoy a new album from the boys!

Still LOVE to invite Bruce to our Townsquare Studios to hang out and talk tunes...c'mon Bruce we'd love to have ya!

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