Since the outbreak of the coronavirus became very real in our country it has been the top of conversation each day during this segment. As a colleague said to me yesterday “what else is there to talk about.”

In full disclosure I feel this responsibility to use my time each day to try and make some sense of what we are all dealing with: an opponent we can’t yet defeat but hopefully will outlast before too long.

I think most of us are accepting the fact that when we get through this we will be looking at a very different country, especially here in the New Jersey/New York region which has been taking it on the chin.  There are businesses that will likely never re-open which means jobs and careers will be lost.

I can’t even fathom what it will be like for the Jersey Shore if there is no real tourism season and certainly many will learn to understand why those visitors are so vital to our local economy.

While the comparison may seem a stretch there will be ramifications for years to come from COVID-19 much like there was following 9/11.  Lives have been and will be lost and the attempt to get back to normal may in some cases never be complete.

During and after 9/11 we realized that fire fighters, cops and other first responders were true heroes and not those who can simply hit home runs, score touchdowns and sing very well.  The same will happen this time with doctors, nurses and others in the healthcare industry and many parents will come away with a greater appreciation for teachers and

Like all of you I have no idea how great of a loss we will suffer before the all-clear is given to resume life as normal.  Actually it will not be the normal we are accustomed to but a new level of normalcy and one we all are looking forward to embrace.





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