From the same folks who enlightened us to the fact that Pez and Skittles are apparently New Jersey's favorite Christmas candies, all attention has turned to one of the most popular candy holidays of the year - Valentine's Day.

With an interactive map of all 50 states, including such insight as the fact that Kentucky loves chocolate roses and Wisconsin keeps it simple with Hershey's Kisses, we get a look at their declaration that Jersey loves candy conversation hearts above all others, with heart shaped boxes of chocolates coming in 2nd, and "cupid corn" rounding out the top 3 (what the heck is "cupid corn"?)


We also get the healthy helping of the usual snark aimed at The Garden State, with their summary saying:

The first drive-in movie theater was opened in Camden and the first baseball game was played in Hoboken. What a charming place New Jersey must be. Boardwalks, salt water taffy, drive-ins and baseball. They also have more toxic waste dumps than any other state – 108. But no matter.

Conversation hearts are the number one V Day candy in Jersey. Maybe there they say “Focus on the wholesome stuff” or “That over there? That’s nothing”.

How clever! Toxic waste and mob jokes, what fun!

You can check out each state's favorite sweet treats for February 14th by clicking through the map above, and you can click here for a summary of each state at by clicking here.


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