So when we think about a candy holiday, Halloween obviously comes to mind first and foremost. And of course we love our candy here in New Jersey. But what about Christmas candy?

When I think of Christmas candy, of course candy canes are what come to mind first. But according to, the classic peppermint sticks don't even make the top 3.

So, according to their poll, what candies make the nice list at Christmastime in the Garden State?

Here's their map:


According to them, The Garden State loves their Reese's Minis above all, and then Pez and Skittles respectively.

Ok, sure, I'll go ahead and believe Reese's Minis. Peanut butter cup cookies always show up when the Christmas cookies start to arrive at the office.

But Pez and Skittles? I'm at a bit of a loss on those.

Maybe, just maybe I can see Pez fitting into the picture for kids who like to collect Pez dispensers.

Skittles, though? When I think holiday cheer, "taste the rainbow" doesn't really come to mind.

So what do you think of's list for New Jersey's favorite Christmas candy? You can read that and more by clicking here, then comment below and let us know what you think the top 3 should be!


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