It is a pretty good list to be on when you make the Top Ten happiest states to live in America! According to some new numbers, New Jersey makes the prestigious list of best places for families to live here in the United States. That I think is something to be happy about.

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According to a recent report, Mixbook surveyed 1969 Americans to find out where American families were the happiest and what qualities they deemed were important to have a happy, healthy family.

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I think New Jersey always seems to get a bad rap and is often the but of jokes from late-night talk show hacks, but after living here my entire life I can say it's a pretty good place to call home. I wouldn't trade the Jersey Shore for any place to live.


Jersey Shore
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Here are some "key findings" from the Mixbook survey 

  • New Jersey ranks #10 state with the happiest families.
  • 79% of residents say they would describe their family as happier than most.
  • 79% report their happiness level with their family as being 7 or higher. 
  • 60% say they are on good terms with their family. 
  • 25% report never seriously arguing with their family.



Jersey Shore
Shawn Michaels


By the way, according to the survey, the least happy state to live in is Oregon. New Jersey scored 92.4 (Would've been ironic if it was 92.7) while Oregon scored 76.1. How do you feel about living in New Jersey? Do you agree or disagree with this survey? As I mentioned earlier, I'll give Jersey a thumbs up :)


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