New beach "Dunes" are in place in Seaside Park

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


In an effort to help protect our shoreline from any future storms and erosion, new beach dunes have been put in place in Seaside Park. Sand has been added along the shoreline for extra protection. Walking along the boardwalk you will notice the dunes because they block view of the Ocean due to their height. This does add privacy and seclusion for beachgoers. Personally I enjoy the separation of beach and boards, it's more relaxing 😎


"It has been clearly demonstrated that well established and protected sand dunes, together with properly maintained beach and dune areas, along with functional structures in critical areas, are effective protection against high tides and flooding, and against property damage by the ocean under storm conditions, and provide desirable protection of the coastal areas adjacent thereto, and the Borough of Seaside Park and its residents have an interest in the continued protection and preservation thereof, and in the restoration of them in the event of damage or destruction." ~ Borough of Seaside Park


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