I'm a terrible shopper. Or a great shopper, I suppose, depending on how you look at it. I like to buy things but I hate to pay full price. In my defense, I'm not one of those nutty Extreme Couponers, but I know how to save a buck or two.

Actually, funny enough, I rarely clip coupons. Most of the time I find my savings on the sale rack, or my very favorite source of savings, online discount codes. There are also some great websites out there that sell discontinued or overstock items at deep discounts (one of my favorites,  I covered previously).

By the way, that tag in the picture to the left...it was for a really nice winter jacket. As you can see, the original price was $260 and it was marked down to $199.88. It was then on double clearance. The final price paid?

Ready for it?


Man, I love a good sale!


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