We all love Six Flags Great Adventure. We love the thrills and all those amazing rides. And people take pictures at the most unbelievable times. Let's see if you can name the Six Flags Great Adventure rides from a photo taken during the middle of the ride by someone actually on the ride. It's tougher than you think.

roller coaster

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It doesn't matter if you are a coaster lover or just someone who is thrilled to have Great Adventure right in our backyard, then you can definitely play along. See how many of these you get right.

It's not just the photo either. We give a little bit of a clue with each photo, so let's see how well you do. Think you can get all 5 right? The answers are listed below the final picture, so if you're in a cheating mood, you can scroll down there first.

If not, take a guess at each one and see how well you know the thrill rides at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Can You Name These Six Flags Great Adventure Rides?

How do you think you did? Let's grade your performance. We've listed the answers below in the order the photo appears..

Green Lantern


Batman The Ride

Kingda Ka


I bet you did great. Some of those were pretty easy, especially Nitro (since the answer was pretty much written in the photo). Others weren't as easy. Hope you had fun giving it a try.

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