When I visit my niece at college, I go deep into Sheetz country.  If you've been to or read about their stores, you know they are similar to Wawa in many ways.  Both offer a wide variety of foods and beverages.  And both usually sell gas.

But something happened on a recent trip that made me declare, in no uncertain terms, I'm a Wawa Gal!  I took the photo below to show what was on my mind during a recent visit.  I wanted to be environmentally responsible and get my coffee in a reusable cup.  I had left my usual travel mug at home so I was there staring a bunch sitting on a shelf at Sheetz.


I had my hand on a pretty green colored cup, but I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't look at that logo day after day when I feel in my heart that they're "the competition."  I'm a Wawa Gal and I didn't want to be disloyal to my favorite brand.

I love Wawa's kale and quinoa salad, the apple fritters, and of course, the self-serve coffee that always tastes fresh and delicious.

And being able to order a custom made sandwich/hoagie/sub (what you call it is the topic of a whole other blog) using those cool touch-screens...well, that just seals the deal and reinforces my love for Wawa!  If you want to read more about the company's popularity,  check out this article from Business Insider which calls Wawa "America's Best Sandwich Shop."

What is your favorite thing about Wawa?




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