Let's start with the good news.  It's NOT RAINING!!!  I hope your Monday is going great and that you are enjoying the nice weather.

It was pretty awesome that the rain stopped Saturday afternoon, seemingly just in time for our WOBM broadcast from The Photo Center in Brick.  It was nice to be able to stand outside and chat with folks who stopped by.  (Thanks if you were one of them!)  I was grateful that we didn't get drenched out there.

Before I arrived in Brick, however, I was driving through the rain to attend a Baby Shower in Pennsylvania.  My friend is expecting her first child and it was a joy to see her surrounded by friends and family.  We all wished her "showers of happiness."  I'll take happiness showers over rain showers any day!

While doing 2 hours of driving, I noticed something.  It seems that whenever I saw a Wawa, it was on the opposite side of the road.  I don't even remember the roads I was on because I followed my GPS through Ocean, Monmouth, then Bucks County, PA but it just seemed like the Wawas were all on the "wrong" side of the road.  Have you ever experienced this?  I know it's a trivial thing but sometimes I just "gotta have a Wawa," and yet I couldn't because I was pressed for time and didn't feel like crossing the road.

So today's question, where would your PERFECT location be for your local favorite convenience store?  If a Wawa, 7-11, or QuickChek could magically be plopped into place, where would you put it?  (Don't worry about how it would impact traffic or whatever business is currently there.  Allow yourself to dream for a minute...)




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