If you’re a coffee drinker there is a pretty good chance you have some kind of daily routine when it comes to when you drink it and where you get it from.  We have never had a coffee maker at home, outside of a short period in which we had a Keurig that was never used and finally given to my son.  I’m only a one cup-a-day drinker for the most part and my wife does not drink coffee at all so have a machine of some kind just did not make sense.

So that leaves me to get my one-and-only cup on the way into work.  For many years when WOBM was located in Bayville I would stop at the 7-11 in Pine Beach for my morning fix.  I liked 7-11 coffee and stopping there was very convenient at least until Dunkin Donuts (now Dunkin) opened up a drive-thru like 500 yards away.  Now I could get my coffee without even leaving the car and I quickly became addicted to getting a large with cream and two Splenda’s early every morning.

This was my ritual for years but around the time of the pandemic Dunkin changed their hours and the drive-thru did not open until 4am which did not work for me as I was coming in to work around 3:30.  To the rescue came QuickChek which had just opened a new store in Route 9 in Beachwood which was perfect for me.  Of course the question was would I like the coffee and I did very much.

So now my routine is to stop at QuickChek each weekday morning around 7:30, fill my 20-ounce Yeti tumbler, pick up the New York Post and head to work.  An extra bonus is the friendly staff, including Laurie and Patty who usually leave me with a smile.

I'm an "original" guy
I'm an "original" guy

I know everyone has their own coffee preference whether it’s Wawa, Dunkin, QuickChek, Starbucks, 7-11 or what they make at home.  I do know this and that is my morning would not be the same without coffee.

PS-I hit Dunkin up on the weekend!

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